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Webinar – Belarus: An occupied country?

12. april 2023 kl. 15.00 - 17.00 CEST

During the last weekend of March 2023, the world was shaken by Russia’s announcement of deploying its nuclear arsenal in Belarus. The country is now viewed merely as an extension of Russia’s Western military district and official Minsk authorities – as a puppet regime.

Meanwhile, inside Belarus, partisans claimed responsibility for the explosions at the military airfield in Machulishchy, all the while courts continue to carry out disproportionally harsh sentences of high-profile opposition figures. A difference in values and rights, as well as systems of government solidify the iron curtain on Europe’s Eastern border.

Responding to these events, the Belarus Research Network on Neighborhood Policy will organize an online conference with experts from the Baltic and Nordic countries. Experts from the fields of sociology, politics, and security will share their opinions on the current ongoings in Belarus, hoping to provide an answer to the question – is Belarus an occupied country?

Please, register your participation here.

Belarus Research Network on Neighborhood Policy is a collaboration between the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, the Danish Foreign Policy Society, and the European Humanities University. Since June 2022, with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Network has been working to raise the concerns related to Belarus on the regional agenda. You can learn more about the network here:


12. april 2023
15.00 - 17.00 CEST
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