About us (EN)

The Danish Foreign Policy Society is a private, non-profit membership organisation aiming to further knowledge of and interest in foreign policy issues in Denmark.

The organisation was founded on 31 October 1946, with deep roots in the Danish resistance movement.

The Society is independent of political parties and industrial and organisational interests. It does not hold opinions on political matters but functions exclusively as a facilitator of information, debate, and contacts.

The Society has  approximately 1,000 personal members. Another 200 individuals are members via 50 companies and institutions. The Society has a youth department, DUS U35, for people under the age of 35 with more than 350 students, young professionals and other young people with an interest in foreign policy.

The Danish Foreign Policy Society regularly hosts meetings, conferences and other types of events featuring prominent Danish and foreign speakers.

We publish the journal Udenrigs three times a year. The journal is unique in Denmark by being dedicated exclusively to foreign policy. In addition, we publish the series Lande i Lommeformat (Pocket-sized Countries).

The Society organises annual study trips to countries or areas of special interest in the world.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is the protector of the Society.


Contact us

If you are interested in membership, our events or study trips, or have other inquiries, feel free to contact us at udenrigs@udenrigs.dk or +45 33 14 88 86.