Counterterrorism, Rules of Engagement and International Order in a UN Context

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This publication is a co-publication between the Academy of Military Service, The Royal Danish Defence College and The Danish Foreign Policy Society. It is a product of the conference proceedings from the Fourth Joint AMS-RDDC Conference at the Academy of Military Science, Beijing, with participation from the Danish Foreign Policy Society and held in Beijing 19 June 2018.

The papers offer unique insights into Chinese and Danish views on counterterrorist operations, pariah states and international order and the extent to which the UN will provide platforms for common action in these areas in future. Is the UN and its multilateral set-up able to contribute to managing the challenges that stem from terrorist threats, from fundamental differences of interest and from different views on world order between significant state and non-state actors in the international system? Four officers and one civilian from Danish Defence and four officers from China’s Academy of Military Science in Beijing discuss these questions in the papers. The Chinese papers focus on how these challenges look from the perspective of the Chinese military, and the Danish papers focus on how these challenges look from the perspective of the Danish military and NATO.

Each paper reflects the opinion of its author and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Danish Foreign Policy Society. 

The publication includes the following contributions: 

  • Preface: Associate Professor Liselotte Odgaard 
  • Opening remarks: Major General Wang Weixing
  • Opening remarks: Rear Admiral Henrik Ryberg 
  • NATO and counter-terrorism: An evolving endeavour for a more secure world: L.G. Michael Lollesgaard 
  • Failed deterrence: The North Korean nuclear stand-off and how to create reassurance: Commander Sune Lund and Associate Professor Liselotte Odgaard
  • The current international counter-terrorism situation & suggestions for countermeasures: Sr. Colonel Ni Tianyou 
  • The development and influence of terrorism in the neighbourhood of China: Sr. Colonel Yan Wenhu 
  • Counterterrorism in the central Sahel: Common challenges and different responses: Major Casper Emil Holland 
  • United Nations counter-terrorism. A paper tiger?: Major Martin Walldén Jespersen
  • Eliminating the ideological roots of terrorism and extremism: the practice and experience of China: Sr. Colonel Luo Xinqin
  • Terrorist threats and China’s counterterrorism: Features and practices: Colonel Liu Silong 
  • Author biographies 

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