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Brazil: What can we expect from the new Bolsonaro Government?

7. februar 2019 kl. 15.15 - 17.15 CET

Mr. Jair Bolsonaro of the Partido Social Liberal (PSL) took office on the 1st of January 2019 as President of Brazil. Mr. Bolsonaro is a far-right, former army captain. He is fiercely socially conservative, and a fan of Brazil’s military dictatorship of 1964–85. He has already announced political and economic reforms. For example, he has adopted more free-market views in the aim to revive Brazil’s economy. However, given Mr. Bolsonaro’s statist and nationalist past, it is debated how strongly he holds these free-market views. Additionally, his agenda of privatisation and liberalisation will face challenges from a fragmented congress, where the ruling PSL party has just 10% of the seats in the lower house.

Brazil is one of the famous BRIC-countries, as it experienced intensive economic growth in the 00’s. Despite the recession in 2015-16 followed by political chaos, the country still offers a market with 210 million potential customers, that Danish companies cannot ignore. Especially the food and medicine industries are attractive markets for Danes, and in line with Brazil’s change to green economy, the market of green and sustainable solutions is opening for Danish companies as well. Denmark is already one of the biggest European exporters to Brazil, an analysis from DI shows, and the companies are doing well despite political turmoil.

The objective of this seminar is to present changes in Brazil’s political and economic landscapes, and discuss their implications for Denmark’s exports. To get more background information on Brazil, you can read The Economist briefing sheet here



16:15 Welcome Jacobo RamirezLatin America Forum & CBS

Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, The Danish Foreign Policy Society

16:20 Keynote Speech  ‘The political course and ability to govern of the Bolsonaro administration’                              

Nicolai Prytz, Ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in Brasilia   

16:40 Keynote Speech  ‘Right-wing populism in Brazil – causes and consequences’

Marie Kolling, Anthropologist and Brazil researcher. Postdoc, University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Social Sciences 

17:00 Keynote Speech ‘Bolsonaro’s Brazil – an opportunity for Danish Businesses?’

Peter Bay Kirkegaard, Chief advisor at Confederation of Danish Industry

17:20: Company Case to be confirmed 
To be confirmed
17:40 Q&A session  Moderated by: Svend Roed Nielsen, Latin America Forum


This event is a cooperation between the Danish Foreign Policy Society, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the Confederation of Danish Industry and Copenhagen Business School.

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About Latin American Business Forum (LABF):The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and CBS have created LABF as an attempt to change the status of Latin America with Danish companies. Read more here


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