Ambassademedlemskab – Embassy Membership

The ’embassy membership’ offers an array of opportunities and activities tailored to foreign diplomats. 

As an ’embassy member’ you, and your embassy or representation, will receive the following:

  • The opportunity to participate in 5-6 embassy briefings every year. Our embassy briefings are roundtable events on matters of relevance to foreign embassies and representations to Denmark, including, but far from limited to, internal Danish affairs, European affairs, and the Danish economy. All briefings take place in central Copenhagen, and members will receive their invitation no less than three weeks prior to the event. 
  • Our journal on foreign and international affairs, Udenrigs, which is published three times a year. The journal contains in-depth and highly relevant articles written by well-acclaimed specialists and intellectuals of foreign and international affairs. 
  • Invitations to all of our regular talks, seminars, conferences, and other activities hosted by the Danish Foreign Policy Society on equal terms as other members. 
  • The invitation to, and opportunity to participate in, our specialised events on Danish, European, Foreign, and International affairs tailored to our business and embassy members and their interests.
  • A unique opportunity to meet and network with representatives of the Danish private and public sector who share an interest in, and concern for, international and foreign affairs. 

If you are already either a personal member or a business member, we are more than happy to change your membership type. 

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties in regards to registration of new members. Please, send your information to and we will help you register as a new member of The Danish Foreign Policy Society. You can also contact us on telephone: +45 33 14 88 86.

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The embassy membership of the Danish Foreign Policy Society costs 3000DKK for an entire year. If your wish to become a member, please contact the Director, Charlotte Flindt Pedersen and we will forward you a receipt.

If you have any enquiries regarding the 'embassy membership', please contact the Director, Charlotte Flindt Pedersen, either by telephone on +45 33 14 88 86 or by email on